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NetProfessional has become a reliable partner in maintaining clean and high quality toilet facilities at thousands of companies and industries. It has been a steady growth over recent years and credibility to Greek businesses, constantly winning the trust and respect of its customers by providing reliable, functional, and competitive services.

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Biological Solutions That Protect The Environment

Disinfectant Toilet

The customer can feel comfort and security when it is in the toilet, thanks to the comprehensive range of health and freshening.

Biological Cleaning Solutions

Our company brings new Biological Cleaning and hygiene bioenzymatic action on the economy of the user and the environment.


Through a rich collection of perfumes space is synonymous revitalization, relaxation of beautiful atmosphere in your workplace.

Inactivation Odors

Cooking odors, pet lives immediately removed from the site very quickly having a sense of freshness.

Drainage Air

Cleaning Systems & Drainage air for use with automated psekasmou.Ena product that provides Natural Eucalyptus!

Insect Control Area

The company Net Professional with experience and expertise, we provide products that Insect have the right result in your space.

Distributors Paper

An elegant design of the device will store it away from extraneous agents in every period.

Hand Hygiene

Automatic soap or alcohol solution of one liter capacity is ideal for schools, clinics, factories, and generally for every toilet.

Female Hygiene Unit

The womenswear collection for disposal according to existing legislation should be collected in separate bins, the Net Professional has:

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    The Net Professional offers a range of products that ensure hygiene and disinfection in the toilet, assured and perfect Insect fragrance premises in your stores.

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  • Disinfectant Toilet

    Feel naive and Peace of mind once and for all to the disinfection wc

  • Fresheners

    Flavorants your place or store your quality and cost through a wide range of perfumes

  • Insect Control Area

    Easily Get rid of Flies, Mosquitoes, Midges and others with insect repellent area of our




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